Contacting your Teacher

There are lots of reasons why you may need to make contact with your child's class teacher and there are different ways to do this. We encourage you to get in touch about anything and feel it is always better to raise concerns and worries so that we can deal with them effectively.

Teachers are available to speak with you at the start and end of the day but need to deal with the children first. This means that you may need to wait until all the children have been dismissed before the teacher is available. Its not possible to see your teacher after 8:50am as this is the time they will be receiving the class and starting learning. If the morning suits you best then please come along between 8:30 and 8:45 and call at the office first.

Your class may well make use of 'contact' books that we endeavour to look in and respond to each day. Older children may have a contact book if needed but you can always send a note with your child.

If you would like an individual appointment with your child's teacher then contact the office who will be happy to arrange this for you.

For non-urgent issues then please make use of the online contact form here.

These forms will be passed to the relevant member of staff and a response will be made to you within a few days.