Essential Reading Letters

Below are all the most recent letters sent out from school. To download a copy then please click on the subject matter - this should open the document in a new window.

Subject Matter Classes Included Date published
Raven Trip to Tower of London Raven 17/9/18
Kingfisher Brogdale Trip Kingfisher 10/9/18
Kingfisher Newsletter Kingfisher 10/9/18
Key Stage 2 trips to Royal Engineers Museum Swan, Raven, Robin, Magpie, Heron and Falcon 10/9/18
Starling Newsletter Starling 6/9/18
Starling Forest School Starling 6/9/18
Kingfisher Forest School Kingfisher 6/9/18
Key Stage 2 Outdoor Adventure  Magpie Class 6/9/2018
Houses of Parliament Trip Year 6 27/11/18
Christingle Service All Classes 27/11/18
Choir Christmas Event Choir members 27/11/18
Key Stage 1 Astronomy Roadshow Dove, Wren, Kingfisher, Starling, Goldfinch 28/11/18
Parking All Classes 28/11/18
Dove and Wren Class Nativity Dove and Wren 4/12/18
Christmas events  All Classes 7/12/18
Wren Class swimming Wren Class 14/12/18
Breakfast and Afterschool club provision All Classes 19/12/18
Falcon Class Swimming Falcon Class 3/1/2019
Job Club - Rochester Baptist Church All Classes 15/1/19
Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles All Classes 13/2/19
Year 2 - Term 4  Goldfinch and Starling 15/2/19
KS2 Outdoor Adventure Term 4 Raven 15/2/19
Minibus Appeal All Classes 7/3/19
St John Ambulance - Badgers Years 3 - 6 12/3/19
Year 2 - Term 5  Goldfinch and Starling 4/4/2019
Forest School Outdoor Adventure Heron Class 4/4/2019
Coupons in KM Newspaper All Classes 4/4/19
Year 1 - Term 5 Kingfisher and Wagtail 5/4/19
Year 1 - Bedgebury Trip Kingfisher and Wagtail 5/4/19
Starling Class - Make a difference Day Starling Class 2/5/19
Year 2 trips to Hall Place Starling and Goldfinch Classes 3/5/19
Year 6 SATS information Year 6 children 10/5/19
KS2 VR Experience  Heron, Robin, Magpie, Falcon, Raven, Swan 14/5/19
Year 6 trip to Down House Year 6 children 16/5/19
Father's Day Room All Children  20/5/19
Father's Day Brunch! All Children 21/5/19
Year 1 Term 6 dates Kingfisher and Wagtail 21/5/19
Broadstairs Trip Wagtail Class 23/5/19
Year 6 Afternoon Tea Year 6 children 23/5/19
Swan Class Forest School and Swimming Swan Class 24/5/2019
Year R Wheelie Day Dove and Wren Class 4/6/2019
Swimming lessons Kinfisher and Wagtail classes 7/5/19
Goldfinch and Starling RE Trip Goldfinch and Starling classes 10/6/19
School office is going cashless all classes  13/6/19
Choir trip to the recording studio Choir club 17/6/19