Secondary Transfer

The deadline date for applying for a place for next September is approaching at the end of October. Now is the time for looking around schools, considering options and making decisions. This is a daunting time, especially for those who haven’t been through it before. Secondary schools are holding open evenings and Saturdays, offering tours in school time and generally setting their stalls out to encourage you to choose them.


Information about schools is available on line and we encourage you to look schools up as you may need the details of admissions criteria. All of the details regarding secondary schools can be found by clicking below….



 These websites contain details of all schools – not just our local ones! The Medway site gives details of open sessions available for you to visit. Individual school websites should also provide this information (needed for Kent based secondaries). The sites may provide information about the numbers of people who applied and the number admitted last September - this should give a rough guide to the likelihood of gaining a place. Remember - where schools are oversubscribed it usually comes down to how close you live to the school!


We have lots of different schools that our pupils go to - both in Kent and Medway. Any school is a possibility on paper but in reality it will depend on oversubscription and practicalities of getting there and back.


You are encouraged to visit all those schools which are a possibility for you. When stating your preferences please bear in mind key factors such as transport there and back, likelihood of getting a place based on catchment areas and distance from home as well as ethos of a school. Depending on where you live, i.e. Kent or Medway, you need to complete the correct authority’s application irrespective of where the schools you are applying for are located. The easiest way to apply is on-line although paper forms are available if needed. If you live in Medway you MUST apply to Medway on their form – even though you can request Kent based schools. Free transport is likely to be provided only for your nearest appropriate school and this definition (found in the relevant information booklets) needs reading carefully as it differs slightly between Kent and Medway. For those families living in Wouldham itself, Holmesdale School is now the nearest appropriate school. It is really important that you express your preference for a number of schools and in the order that you desire them. Naming a single school will not give you any greater chance of getting a place and may leave you with a forced allocation that is far from appropriate or desirable!


If you wish to remove your child from lesson time to visit schools then this won’t be marked as absent as long as you inform us beforehand and make a prompt return to Wouldham! Some schools are more accommodating than others at arranging other sessions if there is some reason why you cannot manage any of the pre-arranged dates and times.


Although you need to submit your application with your preferences by the end of October you won’t be told about the allocated school until March. Please note: We have transcribed the above dates and times from the relevant websites but advise you to refer to the actual document for further information.


As always, if you need assistance with anything relating to secondary transfer then please get in touch.