School Timings

Our School Day

The school day starts at 9am for all classes but this is the time children need to be in the classrooms! The doors open at 8:50am and children can arrive anytime from then.

We also have breakfast club which opens from 7:45am. Breakfast club is charged at £3 per child and £2 for each sibling.  We also offer an early drop off from 8.30am charged at £1 however no food will be provided.

Lessons finish at 3:15pm with children dismissed through their classroom door onto the relevant outside area. After School Learning Club takes place every day until 4:30pm (click here for more details) and we have many different clubs throughout the week which your child may be able to take part in.

Children taking part in after school activities will be dismissd from the office entrance at the front of the school.

It is really important that we know who is collecting your child and if there any changes to the normal routine.

All classes begin their day with a focus on the class priority area before attending daily worship at 9:30am. We have a break at 10:45 and lunch begins at 12 for children in Years R, 1 & 2 with older children starting lunch at 12:15. Afternoon lessons resume at 1pm.

The gates to the school are opened around 3:10pm, please note that the drop off lay-by will remain closed at the end of the day.