Learning Themes

What are we learning about at the moment?

Term 1 2016

Doves, Kingfishers, Starlings   Herons, Robins, Kestrels, Swans
Out of Africa   Story-Nory
This theme is based on the book 'Handa's Surprise' and aims to lead the children into learning about the continent of Africa. This will include animals, homes, culture, food as well as being able to explore differences and similarities with our own lives.  

Roald Dahl was born 100 years ago this September and so our Juniors are looking into his different stories.

Which is your favourite book? Which interesting words will you learn this theme? Can you write in a similar style?

Term 2 2016
Polar Explorer   The Home Front
We are off on a polar adventure! This term we will start our learning dressed as polar adventurers and animals ready to learn and discover. We will make comparisons of different landscapes and explore how the seasons change. There will be lots of opportunities to explore icicles, snowflakes and polar animals through art and stories! We will learn about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and complete science experiments with ice. We will be ready to explore and play in the snow… we wonder if we will see any?  

This term our theme is based around WW2. We will be exploring what life was like during this period of time. As a child, what was it like to be evacuated? What foods did they eat and how was it rationed? Through our Geography studies we will consider local areas affected by the war as well as appreciate music from this era.

Future Themes!