School Marathon









The marathon has taken place at Wouldham for very many years and has always followed a similar format. This year we have a significant change!

As our field isn't yet ready for operation and as we have a superb new location we are going to make use of the paths around the school to go for a fuller marathon experience.

Children will be running a mile, starting from the front entrance and working around a simple and safe circuit guided by members of staff with a finish back at the gate back into the school playground.

As they finish children will be given a place marker which will be recorded to help determine the winning team. 

Parents are encouraged to come and support their children at the finish (which will be outside the main entrance - by the diabled parking bays). There will be chance to join your child in the playground whilst we await all to finish and then the announcement of the victors.

Start time is between 9:15 and 9:30 with a staggered start of year groups.

Come along and support! Enjoy the fun!