Sports Clubs

What can children get involved with?

There are many different clubs that take place during and after school. We try to refresh the opportunities on offer throughout the year.

Some clubs have restricted numbers and some have a cost - especially when we are having to pay for external providers to run them.

Generally, children don't need any special equipment or kit beyond their PE kit. Outdoor activities may require additional warm layers!

Term 1 and 2 Clubs:

  • Monday:Choir (all) no charge
  • Monday: Netball (Yrs 4 - 6) lunchtime no charge
  • Tuesday: Film (Yrs 4-6) no charge
  • Tuesday: Lego (Yrs 1 and 2) no charge
  • Tuesday: Football Coaching (All Years) £3 per week payable termly
  • Tuesday:Pop Dance (Yrs R,1&2) £3 per week payable termly
  • Wednesday: Cheerleading (Yrs 3 - 6) £3 per week payable termly
  • Wednesday: Active Games (Yrs R - 2) lunchtime no charge
  • Wednesday DLJ Gymnastics (all yrs) 
  • Thursday:Judo (aged 5yrs +) invoiced separately (£4.00 per session)
  • Friday:  Korfball Club (Yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6) 
  • Friday: DLJ Gymnastics (all yrs) 

If your child cannot attend a 'paid' session then we are not able to make refunds or provide credit for future sessions. 

Please note that the DLJ Gymnastics sessions are booked and paid for via their website  . 

If you would like to request a place at one of our sports clubs then please complete our online form here.

We will text you to confirm a place at the club.