School Update - 18th January 2022

Covid-19 in School

Please do not come to school if you have any symptoms/illness, have had a positive test or have been instructed to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

Last week things seemed to be moving forwards positively and we were about to start relaxing some of our current measures to prevent covid spread. Nationally and locally, case numbers are dropping which is great to see.


We are seeing a sudden increase in positive cases across all ages. Children are also showing different symptoms and especially stomach ache. There are clusters of cases within Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 - especially Kingfisher and Nightingale classes. Please carry out regular lateral flow tests to check that your child is clear - even if they don't show any signs of illness.

Last week we saw 40% of absences were down to Covid - this week it is now 66%.

If a child in your family tests positive it is sensible to assume any brothers or sisters are likely to develop the illness too. We suggest keeping family members at home together and test each day. If they remain clear for three further days then return to school - this will prevent wider spread across classes and around the school.

One of our local schools is really struggling with large numbers of staff and children testing positive and so please help us to avoid this situation too.

Staff absence is the biggest threat to school operation as we can only manage to stay open with normal routines and structures if we have the staff required to do this. We will provide cover by using support staff and supply agencies where possible and this may mean some activities, interventions and support lessons may not be possible in the short term. It is highly likely that changes have to be made at short notice and will be reviewed day by day.

We are minimising mixing as far as possible and this seems to have helped keep transmission of illness down. We will keep our current control measures in place until the end of January at least.

Please can all parents/carers wear a face covering when coming onto the school site. Thank you.

The most important and effective action for all is to stay away and get tested if you have any of the three key symptoms - raised temperature, cough and/or change to taste/smell. We have needed to send home a number of children with temperatures and coughs so please make sure you check your child before bringing into the school.

People should only organise a PCR test if showing symptoms. If a lateral flow test is taken and this has a positive result then isolation guidelines need to be followed straight away - ie stay at home. The day of the positive test is Day 0 and shouldn't be counted as a day of isolation. Isolation should be for ten days (but can be reduced if showing a negative lateral flow on two consectutive days (day 5 and 6) taken at least 24 hours apart and there isn't a raised temperature. Although you can leave isolation on Day 6 please do not return to school until day 7 - and only with a negative lateral flow test and being free of symptoms.

If organising a PCR test because of showing symptoms then please remain away from school until receiving a negative result.

Additional measures currently being considered include...

Staggered start and finish times with parents dropping and collecting from school gates

Suspending visitors and additional activities such as sports clubs etc

Suspending school visits and offsite activities such as swimming and Forest School

If you are needing to isolate then we will try to get in touch with regards learning at home. If you don't hear from us then please check the remote learning pages on the website and if this isn't clear then please get in touch to let us know that your child is well enough to complete their learning.

Wellbeing is obviously important at all times but can be easily overlooked at this time of year.

Read some tips and ideas on our January wellbeing newsletter by clicking the picture below.

Term 3 is usually the wintry weather term. Whatever happens with Covid there could also be disruption with snow and ice. Please check out the school arrangements for extreme weather by clicking the picture below.

Transport. Please try to find alternatives to using cars. There is limited space for parking and walking, cycling or scootering is better for health.

Children enjoy the opportunity to ride bikes and scooters but please make sure they are safety aware. This is really important around shared pavements and avoiding dropping onto the road. As we enter the darkest time of year make sure bright clothing is worn.

If you have to come in the car then....

Try parking further away (eg Wouldham rec) and walk the last bit.

Treat Worrall Drive as a one-way circuit - accessing it from Keepers Cottage Lane so that you only park on the left hand side of the road facing the roundabout - this will stop any need for dangerous U turns outside school. 

Do not stop on zig zag markings or turn in the school gateways. This is very dangerous and we must avoid any vehicle versus child incidents!

Breakfast and After-school Club

Before and after school childcare continues as before. It MUST be booked and paid in advance so that we can ensure spaces are available. We also need to carefully manage groups to avoid mixing. 

Bookings are made through the Eduspot Schoolmoney website which you can link to below...

As places are limited and need to be pre-booked and paid for there won't be any refunds or credits given for not attending booked sessions. It may be possible to 'un-book' a place by contacting the office but this needs to be at least one school day before the booking.

All childcare must be booked online. It won't be possible to phone and request a space.

Our approach to remote learning is detailed below (click the image).

Dealing with emotions and behaviour can be tricky in normal times and even more so at the moment.

In school we make use of a system called 'Zones of Regulation'.

This uses colours to help identify how we are feeling and what we may do to improve things.

Click on the picture below to find out more.

Other resources that you may find useful after reading this information can be found below.

The NHS advice on when to isolate and for how long can be accessed by clicking the picture below.

What does Covid-19 look like? How do I know if we've got it?

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