Arrival and Collection

We appreciate the difficulties of getting everyone in and out of school safely and thank you for working so hard to make this happen effectively.

We would rather have everyone coming in together through one entrance but this is not possible under present circumstances. Our current arrangements are not aimed at making life difficult for you but to keep everyone safe.

Avoiding the build up of crowds is a really important part of this. Parents need to avoid crowds to be safe - you are more at risk than the children! If there are a number of people in a space then please  maintain a safe distance from others. There is a lot of space around the school grounds to spread out in! 

Arrival and Collection Times

Class Arrival Hometime Friday
Dove 9:00 3:05 1:10
Wren 9:00 3:15 1:15
Wagtail 8:50 2:55 1:00
Kingfisher 8:50 3:00 1:05
Starling 8:40 2:45 12:50
Goldfinch 8:40 2:50 12:55
Heron 8:50 3:15 12:45
Robin 8:50 3:15 12:45
Magpie 8:50 3:10 12:55
Nightingale 8:50 3:10 12:55
Jackdaw 8:40 3:05 12:50
Raven 8:40 3:05 12:50
Falcon 8:40 3:00 1:00
Swan 8:40 3:00 1:00

Temporary Friday arrangements - Children will eat lunch before leaving - school dinners are available as normal.

Children can remain in school for the afternoon. Please click below to access our form for booking places.

Children remaining in school will finish at 3pm and should be collected from their usual place.

After-school care will be available until 5:30pm but must be booked and paid in advance.

Arrangements will be reviewed at the end of Term 1 and hopefully extended to Christmas.