Key Worker Update

Happy New Year!

What a start to 2021! The school is only open to key workers and others described as vulnerable. The reason for schools operating like this is to keep numbers to a minimum to prevent continued spreading of infections. This means it is really important that only those families who really need it take up places. If a parent is at home then the expectation is that the child will be at home too.

To access a key worker or vulnerable child place then email your request to

We can only provide places where parents work in one of the critical worker positions detailed in the recently updated Government document which can be accessed here.

We appreciate that this is frustrating and especially so if you have a job that can't be done from home. We can only start processing an application when someone explains how their position fits with the published list. Further information may be requested.

We will then send you a link to a form to complete. Once this is completed we will then send a verification form which you will need to send on to your employer to be completed. No other form of verification will be accepted.

Once this has been received and checked we will offer you a place. It can take several days to complete but we will do the best we can. It usually gets held up by employers so please push them to complete as quickly as possible.

Following offering you a place you will need to complete a weekly request to show which days you require childcare for. This is open from 9am until 3:15pm but you are free to work within these times and only on the days you actually need. Breakfast and after school club is available with usual routines and prices. It is included on the weekly form but you will need to book and pay through Eduspot in the usual way.

Childcare will be organised within age group bubbles and mainly managed by our support staff. Children will be able to complete work similar to that being set for those having to do school at home.

School meals are being cooked and served each day and we will offer to provide this free of charge to all.

School uniform does need to be worn. PE kit may be needed as well.

All children will enter through the main entrance via the pedestrian gate in Worrall Drive and register at the Office. Collection will be there too. Please do not come into the building if there is somebody already in the entrance lobby. We will most likely bring the children out to you so please wait at a good distance from other parents - and only have one parent enter the grounds per family. Thank you.

These arrangements will be in force for the first two weeks of January before the Government reviews what happens next. We generally find out our information at the same time as everyone else via a ministerial announcement and we've now given up trying to second guess what will be put in place! Sorry that we can't offer any more information about the future than that!

We look forward to seeing everyone back in full operation as soon as is possible.