Bikeability Consent Form

I agree to the conditions explained in this guidance, and to that stated below, and give permission for my child to attend the course. I understand that training will be on public roads.

I will make sure that:

  1. My child attends all of the training
  2. My child will have suitable wet weather / outdoor clothing and footwear

I also understand that my child would be unable to participate in the training if:

  1. Any of the above points are not met to the satisfaction of the instructor
  2. My child cannot demonstrate adequate bike handling skills
  3. My child is disruptive during training
  4. The instructor considers that my child places themselves, or others, at unacceptable risk

Child's Name:*
Date of Birth:*
Do you agree to your child taking part and to the conditions shown on this form:*
How would you describe your child's cycling ability:*
Like a pro
Very good
A little wobbly
Has never ridden
First Aid: I agree that in an emergency first aid can be administered to my child including anaesthetic:*
Please list any allergies or medical conditions and any specific support needs which your child has:
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Contact number for parent/guardian:*
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