Class Pages and Information

At Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School we have 14 classes.

Each class consists of one National Curriculum year group from Year R to Year 6.

All of our classes are named after British birds.

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The curriculum is carefully designed to progress learning from term to term and year to year.

Covid 19 has had a bit of an effect on our work! Children have missed quite a few months of the planned curriculum and this will have an effect on learning.

We are currently operating a revised curriculum to ensure we cover the key priorities of reading, phonics, writing, increasing vocabulary and maths whilst we push 'catching-up' for all.

We expect 'normal' service to be resumed by the summer of 2021 but what we've learned from the past few months is 'be prepared for the un-expected!'


Each year group follow the same curriculum and details of what this covers can be found by clicking the link below. (not yet Covid updated!)


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