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Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 'Learning From Home' Page for Heron, Robin, Nightingale & Magpie classes!

This is our page to keep you in touch with your learning.

Week beginning 11th January 2021.

People have been asking if we will be carrying out 'Live Lessons' through things like Zoom or Teams. The effectiveness of this for Primary aged children is not great as this is far from the usual method of teaching in school. In times gone by a teacher addressing the whole class from the board would be called 'chalk and talk' and the Zoom approach is very similar to this as it is impossible to gain the level of interaction needed to work well. Also, many families have more than one child but need to share a device and so cannot attend a live lesson at the same time as a brother or sister needs to.

Instead, we are making use of recorded presentations - either ones we have recorded ourselves or ones that are available elsewhere. These can be watched at anytime and can be watched several times if something is a bit of a puzzle. This also means our teachers are available to interact with your child through the Purple Mash platform throughout the day.

Links to recorded content are included in the learning instructions for the week but you can also find our YouTube channel by clicking the icon below.

You need to open both the timetable and the further information which can be found for your Year below.

Click below to access our suggested timetable for Year 3.

Click below to access our suggested timetable for Year 4.

The detail of what is needing to be done is outlined for each day along with the  resources needed to complete the activities below.

Upload your work to the Purple Mash blog so that we can see the fantastic work that you are doing. 

Last week's learning can be found below...

Year 3 for 4.1.21.

Year 4 for 4.1.21.

Resources needed to complete the activities below.


If you can't remember your log in details then get in touch with us for a reminder.


-Log on to Mathletics and try completing some activities not previously completed from the 'Place Value' or the 'Addition and Subtraction' section.

-See the 'Teach Active' and 'White Rose' remote learning packs (click below) for activities linked to the Year 3 and Year 4 curriculum.

-Log onto Times Table Rockstars and work on getting speedier at your times tables and division facts!


-Make sure that you do at least 5 minutes of reading aloud to someone each day! (but lots of reading to yourself as well)

Maybe when you finish reading your book, you could create a book review. How many stars would you rate it out of 10? What was your favourite part of the story?