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Osprey Group - Flying HIGH

Week beginning 30th March.


Week 2 and I hope that you are all keeping well and happy.


I have heard from lots of your families throughout the week and have been changing some targets and activities for you too .


I am sure you all have lots of activities to do but don’t forget- if you need something more/different then please ask.


We are all learning together and I have learned how to write a blog on Purple MAsh - who knew I would be able to do this!! ( Maybe you could say hello to me on it so I know that you can read it too!!)   

A quick link to the Purple Mash site is below. Contact us if you have log in troubles!


Here is Osprey’s list of learning activities that you can try – ( these don’t need a computer)
You can take pictures and put them on our display notice board if you would like.


 Click here for this week's Osprey activities


Remember - Do go out in the garden and play a game . Maybe do something creative and make sure you have some quiet time too.

It is ok to watch the TV and it is ok to chill for a bit too. Can you help your parents with something around the house?

What new skill are you going to learn?

I look forward to hearing from you about your adventures!