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This week’s worship theme is Kindness

Each day we will ask you to look at a clip or read a little bit and then share it with other members of your family.


On Wednesday watch the following clip on you tube and then have a chat with the people at home and see if you can answer the questions:-



If you were the dog in the story would you have shown kindness to the Stork? 

How do you think the Stork felt when the dog kept trying to send him away?

How can you show kindness today?


Thursday – watch the song clip and see if you can come up with some actions to go with the words.



Friday – How can you show kindness to others this week – why not draw a rainbow and stick it in your window and then others will see it and it will spread the kindness bug to others.

Take care and stay safe – remember God is always with you and you don’t have to be afraid, keep positive and share kindness with others.