Wednesday 13th January 2021


At the moment things are a bit mixed up and not how we would want them to be!

We can know that Jesus is always with us in the good times and also when life is a bit of a struggle.

This week we are thinking about courage in our worship and I’m sure you can think of people at the moment who are showing this everyday.

The doctors and nurses working in the hospitals looking after the people who are poorly, they need a lot of courage to look after people.

Do you need courage today? How can you grow in courage?

Christians believe they grow in courage because they know Jesus and can share how they are feeling with Him.

The Bible is full of stories of people who showed courage. Can you think of any?


Below are some clips for you to watch and think about - Enjoy the clips and remember to always take courage as Jesus is always with you.

Reception and KS1   KS2   Extra - If you need some down time then here is a longer watch for you!








Craft Time

Your task this week is to make a shield, we are reminded that God is always with us to help and protect us.

You could make your shield from cardboard and then decorate it.

Send a photo of yourself with your shield. It would be so great to see your work! We may even include you on next week's worship page!

Song Time!

Below are some songs for you to listen to, sing and share with your families.

Click on each icon to access a different worship song on Youtube.

If you come across any other great worship songs then let us know the link. We will try and use them as well!

Prayer Time!

Say a prayer to ask God to help you to be strong and courageous throughout the week ahead.

Click below for our special school song!