Swimming is an essential skill as well as just being great fun! We aim to take every child swimming every year. This may take place at one of several locations and we are trying to provide this activity at no cost to parents.

Term 6 swimming - Wagtail Class last swimming lesson is on Tuesday 7th June in the morning.   Kingfisher class will start swimming on Tuesday mornings between 14th June and 19th July .

Swimming on Thursdays for Key Stage 2 (mornings) Swan Class to 14th June.  Falcon Class will start on 21st June and continue until 12th July.

Wagtail and Kingfisher Class will go in two groups to swim at the training pool at St Katherine's School, Snodland. 

Key stage 2 Classes will go as one group to Hoo Swimming Pool.

In both cases, swimming is taught by members of our school staff and we transport to and fro with our minibuses.

Children require suitable swimming costumes (one piece for girls and tight fitting shorts or trunks for boys - not loose or long legged baggy shorts) and a towel. Goggles may be worn but please make sure they have been adjusted to the right size and fit in advance. Swimming hats are also required and we have school branded ones that are available to buy from the office at a cost of £2.95. Any appropriate swimming hat is acceptable.