Our school is divided into three main areas. Our youngest children are taught within the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' and complete a national profile at the end of Year R.

Children in Key Stage 1 are placed in either Year 1 or Year 2 and complete Key Stage I in the school year that they turn 7.

Finally, we have four classes of Key Stage II which includes Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. In Year 6 children may choose to take '11+' tests before making preferences of secondary schools to transfer to in the September following their 11th birthday.

All of our classes have a named teacher and at least one teaching assistant who will work within that class. Depending on needs and activities we may have several adults working within a class. All adults have equal status with the children and should be seen as part of the key team.

We also have a number of other teachers and key adults who work within the school to deliver certain activities.

Most of our classes are full and we aim to keep class sizes to 30 as a maximum. We currently have single age group classes but this may well change in the future depending on need and increasing numbers.

Our classes have bird names as their title to represent our mission to 'Fly HIGH'. These do change from time to time but only at the start of a year! The current structure is as follows:

Year R - Dove Class

Year 1 - Kingfisher Class

Year 2 - Starling Class

Year 3 - Heron Class

Year 4 - Robin Class

Year 5 - Kestrel Class

Year 6 - Swan Class