Dove and Wren Class Learning at Home Information

Welcome to our remote learning homepage.

Updated 11th January 2021

Hello and welcome to the Early Years Home Learning information page.

This is where you can find the home learning activities for the week.

People have been asking if we will be carrying out 'Live Lessons' through things like Zoom or Teams. The effectiveness of this for Primary aged children is not great as this is far from the usual method of teaching in school. In times gone by a teacher addressing the whole class from the board would be called 'chalk and talk' and the Zoom approach is very similar to this as it is impossible to gain the level of interaction needed to work well. Also, many families have more than one child but need to share a device and so cannot attend a live lesson at the same time as a brother or sister needs to.

Instead, we are making use of recorded presentations - either ones we have recorded ourselves or ones that are available elsewhere. These can be watched at anytime and can be watched several times if something is a bit of a puzzle. This also means our teachers are available to interact with your child through the Purple Mash platform throughout the day.

Links to recorded content are included in the learning instructions for the week but you can also find our YouTube channel by clicking the icon below.

We understand that learning from home is going to be different for all of our families and so for that reason we have not assigned certain activities to days of the week so you have the flexibility to pick and choose what you can do and when they take place.

Please try to do as many as you feel you can and as always we stress the importance of reading and listening to books together.

Please remember to keep it fun and enjoyable for your child but also for you. For some of you this is your first experience of home learning and remember young children will only concentrate for short moments at a time. When they are in the class they are often in a group with other children and also they have time to select and learn through play too.

Please share learning and fun that you are having using the Evidence Me Parent Share App.  We love to see what the children are doing and can use this as evidence towards their achievements for this term.

If you need any further information, help with log ins please do use the family email– eyfs@wouldham.kent.sch.uk

We have written you a letter from the team to explain a bit more. Click on the picture below to read it.

Click below for your learning at home activities.

This week's phonics learning can be accessed below.

Phonics play is a website with lots of activities to help you with phonics learning.


You will need to log in with the following details...
Username: jan21  and Password: Home ‚Äč

Story Safari! Go for a wild reading adventure! Click below...

Get ready for Wouldham Wriggle Time!

At school we introduce a song and movement weekly that the children then practise each day.
Our wriggle time is designed to develop the children’s gross motor skills and to build up their muscles in preparation for writing.

Movement of the week – Up and Down

Song of the week – In the Jungle

Watch Mrs Chandler and Miss Harris doing the wriggle movement here: https://youtu.be/P7ANAyJBrRQ

See if you can practise the up and down movement every day this week and get your body moving!

Mrs Chandler and Miss Harris have used ribbons, pens and foam to dance and make marks but you could use crayons, dusters, socks or strips of foil to wriggle with, use whatever you have at home just remember to use both hands.

CBeebies have some great resources to access on their website or BBC Iplayer...

Last week's learning can be found in the table below - just in case you haven't managed to finish it all!

Date Learning Activities Phonics Activities

We have put together a presentation to help you think about developing communication and language with your children.

This is the foundation of all learning - excellent language grows excellent learners!

Click below for the link...

Learning needs to be active and involve the whole body where possible. This multi-sensory approach builds key skills but also develops brain activity which further boosts learning for the future. There are lots of simple, everyday fine-motor activities that we complete at school and you can also do easily at home.

Click below for a list of ideas...

Purple Mash and Mathletics sites

The school makes use of excellent resources froma group called White Rose Maths.

You can find out more about maths in school by clicking the icon below.

Sharing learning

In class, we use a system called Evidence Me to take photographs and make observations of your child’s learning journey throughout their Reception year.

We would love you to contribute to your child’s observation portfolio this year by sending us your own observations through the Parent Share feature in Evidence me.   

Every Friday, we will also share a special learning moment from the children’s week in school, which you will be able to view through Parent Share.

You can use the Parent Share app to send us any special ‘wow’ learning moments that you have observed your child doing at home and to tell us about your child’s weekend or in holidays.

The children always enjoy telling us about their weekends and we will plan opportunities during the week for them to talk to us about their experiences and share any photographs that you/they might have taken via Parent Share.

You will receive an email in the next few days from donotreply@evidence.me asking you to confirm that you would like to participate.

Please make sure you check your spam/junk inbox as sometimes emails can get lost in there.

If you have any questions about Parent Share please visit http://help.evidence.me/evidence-me-help-for-parents/  for further information and guidance.