School Update - January 14th 2021

The school is now closed to most pupils. Only those confirmed as vulnerable or having parents being critical workers can attend.

If you believe you are eligible for this then check the Government document here

We can only provide places where parents work in one of the critical worker positions detailed in this document. We appreciate that this is frustrating and especially so if you have a job that can't be done from home. We can only start processing an application when someone explains how their position fits with the published list. Further information may be requested.

Please bear in mind that the purpose of this closure is to reduce social contacts and mixing. The more people who stay away then the least number of social contacts, the less risk and therefore the sooner we can get out of this predicament.

All those who can keep their children at home safely should do so.

This will ensure we can maintain provision for those who need it most. Thank you for playing your part in this fight.

Request a critical worker verification by emailing   We will then start the process but this may take several days and will need your employer to confirm your position. Read more about Key Worker provision here.

Remote learning is now in operation. This is available from the 'Learning' page on our website. Click below for the link...

There is a lot of usage of the internet to access and complete work remotely and this is dependent on your access to devices and wifi.

If you haven't got a fixed broadband connection at home and rely on mobile data through your phone then you may be able to get some help with this.

Click below for details.

If you have problems with accessing a suitable device like a tablet or notebook then we do have a very limited supply to lend out.

Contact school if you would like to request one.

We will prioritise need for those without any suitable device in the home and then families with several children. If we lend you one we will monitor the usage and recall any being used inappropriately or not being used to complete the set school work.

Several of our families are having a really tough time after contracting the virus and with the new lockdown. We feel for every one of you and wish things were different. We are here to help and support you and so if you need help and can't seem to access support then get in touch through the button below.

We can't promise anything amazing but will do our best to get you some help.

The Wouldham Community Initiative are operating a foodbank for people living in the Wouldham and Peters Village area. If you would like their help then click the button below...


We had a special visitor during the last week of term. Click on the picture to see more.



A massive thank you to Mr Atkins for his creative genius and to Travis Perkins for supplying sleigh building materials. 

Self-isolation is a bind - we know. It is important to keep everyone safe and prevent transmission of the virus.

The NHS advice on when to isolate and for how long can be accessed by clicking the picture below.

We are now under National lockdown restrictions. Read what that means below...

What does Covid-19 look like? How do I know if we've got it?

Click below for the latest guidance...

Breakfast and After-school Club

Before and after school childcare continues as before. It MUST be booked and paid in advance so that we can ensure spaces are available. We also need to carefully manage groups to avoid too much mixing. 

Bookings are made through the Eduspot Schoolmoney website which you can link to below...

As places are limited and need to be pre-booked and paid for there won't be any refunds or credits given for not attending booked sessions. It may be possible to 'un-book' a place by contacting the office but this needs to be at least one school day before the booking.

All childcare must be booked online. It won't be possible to phone and request a space.