September Timings

All classes are in action.

To safely get 420 children into school we need to have a system of staggered entry times and a number of entry points.

We also need to have as few adults gathering together as possible and this needs everyone to do their bit! Please be punctual for your time slot and as tempting as it is to catch up with friends at the gate - please don't! This increases the risk of transmitting the virus but will also add to congestion around the access points. This also means that there won't be any access to the school grounds for parents until further notice. 

Social distancing needs to be maintained as you deliver and collect your children from the school. Face coverings are encouraged for adults.

Timing is very tight - there won't be any opportunity to catch staff for a quick chat at the start or end of the day as we will be getting all of the children through in very limited time slots. If you have an important message then please call or email the school office. If you need to speak to somebody about an issue then we will be happy to call you during the day. Staff will be at each entry point and will have hand sanitizer to spray on entry.

Drop off and collection points and times will be the same each day - its complicated enough without confusing you any further!

We haven't tried these routines with so many children. It worked in the summer with less children and so we expect it to be successful as long as everyone keeps to their allotted times and don't arrive early or later than scheduled (especially in cars to avoid any parking issues).

Together we can make it work smoothly! Thank you for your patience and compliance!

Transport. The journey to school is complicated and always busy. 400 children converging together with parents and siblings causes congestion and difficulty in normal times as you well know. To ease things please try to find alternatives to using cars. There will always be limited space for parking and walking, cycling or scootering is better for health anyway. We appreciate some families need to complete the journey to school by car but have an additional plea for you.

Try parking further away (eg Wouldham rec) and walk the last bit.

Treat Worrall Drive as a one-way circuit - accessing it from Keepers Cottage Lane so that you only park on the left hand side of the road facing the roundabout - this will stop any need for dangerous U turns outside school. 

Do not stop on zig zag markings or turn in the school gateways. This is very dangerous and we must avoid any vehicle versus child incidents!

Year 1 - Entry and exit at the Service Yard door (2nd gateway on Worrall Drive)

Arrive between 8:50 and 9am. Collect 2:55 for Wagtail and 3pm for Kingfisher.

Year 2 - Entry and exit at the Service Yard door (2nd gateway on Worrall Drive)

Arrive between 8:40 and 8:50am. Collect 2:45 for Starling and 2:50pm for Goldfinch.

Children in Years 3 to 6 can choose to enter and leave from either the pedestrian gate in the drop off layby on Hall Road or the pedestrian gate by the school office entrance in Worrall Drive.

We expect that the same gate would be used at the end of the day but if this will be different then please contact us to inform us.

Teachers will simply ask the children which gate they came in through and then take them there at the end of the day to dismiss.

If children are going home independently then we will need you to complete this consent form.

Year 3 and Year 4 children arrive between 8:50 and 9am. Collection at 3:10 for Year 4 and 3:15 for Year 3.

Year 5 and Year 6 arrive between 8:40 and 8:50. Collection at 3pm for Year 6 and 3:05pm for Year 5.

We aim to open the drop off layby in Hall road for cars to pick up children at the end of the day. Space is very limited! Please don't bring a car unless there is no alternative. If unavoidable then we advise people to park in the rec car park and walk along Hall Road instead. Only enter the drop off layby at your allotted times. Do not arrive early as you are unable to wait for your slot. The timing and spacing is very tight - if you have to drive you will probably have more space available on Worrall Drive. If we find the laybe usage is problematic then it will only be open for pedestrian access at the end of the day.

Siblings - this gets really complicated! We appreciate you potentially have several dropoff/collection times and locations. If this seems unmanageable for you then please contact the office. We may be able to arrange siblings together but can't do this for other relatives, friends or neighbours. If your child needs to be collected by someone other than you then they will need to collect them at the set time even if this is different to the time and place of their child.