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Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School provides an exciting curriculum as well as childcare extending beyond both ends of the school day. Food features regulalrly in our classrooms and care facilities as well as at lunchtime. Trips and outdoor activities usually contain an element of food as well - for example hot chocolate at Forest School!


We are committed to providing, wherever possible, for children needing special diets for medical requirements. We aim to be as accurate as possible but it must be noted that we can only be guided by the information our suppliers provide, similar to the process of a parent catering for a child’s special diet.


It is essential that all parties concerned work together when providing a safe special diet and that this is reviewed regularly, therefore please ensure this form is fully completed.

We may contact you to discuss needs and clarify information reported through this form. We may also need to organise a meeting and/or establish a linked care plan for your child. We may also request supporting evidence from a medical practitioner.


Within school we access a range of food ingredients across the curriculum as well as in the preparation of meals and snacks. Due to the nature of our  working environments it is not possible to completely remove the risk of cross contamination.


Please complete one of these forms for each of your children. Thank you.


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