Forest School

Life is an adventure and forest school provides a chance for our children to explore the wonders of life in a wonderful and unique outdoor setting. It allows them to discover themselves and the world by managing risks and learning social and life-long skills.

This form of exploration, discovery and challenge brings out the best in all of us! Forest schools Education is flexible enough to constantly adapt and respond to the moods, interests and needs of the pupils in order to maximise pupil engagement and success.


It allows all children to develop in a positive way, some with marked changes in behaviour, communication skills and increased desire to interact with parents and peers. Children become more adventurous and are keen to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding further. 

Children visit private woodland just off Bluebell Hill to explore and learn about the woodland environment and develop speech, motor skills and numeracy.

Some of the expected outcomes of our Forest School include:

  • Increased self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills including self-confidence and self-worth, resilience and respectfulness
  • Rooted compassion towards self, others and the environment
  • Development of the capacity to know how to learn, the resources to learn effectively, the ability to set goals, and be motivated to achieve them.
  • Development of the desire to be excellent, to strive for the potential of learning and self-fulfilment and happiness
  • Knowledge of self and how to function successfully in the family, educational world, community, society and the world
  • The development of a positive environmental identity & responsibility


We take each Key Stage 1 class for a series of not less than ten sessions. These sessions take place on Thursday with one year group taken for two terms. The rota works as follows:

Terms 1 & 2 : September to December - Year 1 (Wagtail and Kingfisher)

Terms 3 & 4 : January to March - Year 2 (Starling and Goldfinch)

Terms 5 & 6 : April to July - Year R (Dove and Wren)

We will let you know whether your child's class is going for the morning or afternoon session. This may change during the period.

If your child is going in the morning then please can you send them in wearing outdoor clothing and have uniform in a bag to change into at lunchtime. The 'afternooners' should arrive in uniform but bring outdoor clothing to change into later. Clothes that are warm and comfortable and able to get dirty are all that is required as well as wellies and a waterproof coat. The school makes use of waterproof trousers when the weather demands it!

Expect sessions to take place in all but the very worst of weather - there is an old saying that there is no such thing as 'bad weather' - just inappropriate clothing!

The usual routine involves exploring, playing and then some time with a campfire. Hot chocolate is a popular feature! Sessions are led by members of our team who have additional qualifications for leading Forest School activities.

Children inthe older years (Yrs 3 through to 6) will also get outdoor learning sessions which build on their Forest School experiences. These are organised differently and information can be found here.