Key Stage 2 Swimming

Swimming is part of the National Curriculum PE programme and we aim to take all children swimming every year. This is for a set number of weeks and will involve one class at a time.

Children in Key Stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 – will all have a number of swimming sessions during the year.

These take place at Hoo Swimming Pool on a Thursday morning.

Magpie Class will start sessions on 27th January. Nightingale will then take over on 17th March

Children need swimming kit (one piece suit for girls and tight fitting trunks or shorts for boys).

Goggles are recommended - please make sure they have been tried on and set to the right size first!

Swimming hats are optional and can help keep long hair under better control.

Ear rings are best removed at home but if this is not possible then a swimming hat that will cover the studs MUST be worn. Taping is not possible in the pool.

We will be assessing children's abilities and then teaching a range of skills to boost confidence and refine swimming techniques.

All transport to and from swimming sessions will be done with our minibuses and members of our team.

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