Upper Key Stage 2 Home Page

Welcome to the page for Swan, Falcon, Jackdaw & Raven Classes

We will be posting your learning activities on our class blogs on Purple Mash.

A quick link to the Purple Mash site is below. Contact us if you have log in troubles!

English, Spelling and afternoon activities will be set on Monday for the week.

Maths and Guided Reading activities will be set daily. First News is always good to read. Access the latest edition here.

We have produced a suggested timetable for you to follow. Click on the picture below for the link.


PE – Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is offering daily guided exercise 9 – 9.30 daily on Youtube. Teachers are also going to join in. Alternatively, you can use WiiFit, Just Dance or use your own outside space to get some exercise. (Do not go out to the local park)

Maths – We will be setting daily tasks on Mathletics, maths investigations or activities on TTRockstars for you to complete on that day.  In addition, pick topics you would like to practice more or compete with friends on live Mathletics.  If you would like maths time away from the screen, you could use dice or playing cards to generate calculations see https://www.weareteachers.com/math-card-games/ for some more ideas.

Spelling – a new spelling rule will be set each week.  Please spend 15 minutes a day on SpellingFrame https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/5/Year-5-and-6; go on a word hunt in your reading book; create a word puzzle for someone else to complete.

English – you will be given a topic to write about at the beginning of the week.  You should follow the usual pattern of planning, drafting, editing and writing up over the course of the week.  Writing up will be your handwriting practice. It does not have to be a story – you could choose whatever text type you prefer. Friday will be the day to type your piece of writing up using 2write on Purple Mash.  There are touch typing activities on Purple Mash to help you.

Reading – you will be expected to read daily. We have timetabled reading for pleasure (read the books you borrowed from school or a book of your choice) or guided reading (activities will be set using Read Theory or Kahoot)

Afternoon sessions are for you to choose a History, Geography, R.E., Creative, Science or Boredom Buster activity to do each day.  We will post a list of activities on Monday for you to choose from.

Contact the team for advice and help on uks2@wouldham.kent.sch.uk

Boredom Busters!

Don't panic if you run out of things to do whilst everyone is hibernating. We have some other ideas and activities you might like to do at home alongside your learning.

Click below for them...