Upper Key Stage 2 Home Page

Welcome to the page for Swan, Falcon, Jackdaw & Raven Classes

Learning activities are being set and monitored by class teachers on the class blog on Purple Mash.

People have been asking if we will be carrying out 'Live Lessons' through things like Zoom or Teams. The effectiveness of this for Primary aged children is not great as this is far from the usual method of teaching in school. In times gone by a teacher addressing the whole class from the board would be called 'chalk and talk' and the Zoom approach is very similar to this as it is impossible to gain the level of interaction needed to work well. Also, many families have more than one child but need to share a device and so cannot attend a live lesson at the same time as a brother or sister needs to.

Instead, we are making use of recorded presentations - either ones we have recorded ourselves or ones that are available elsewhere. These can be watched at anytime and can be watched several times if something is a bit of a puzzle. This also means our teachers are available to interact with your child through the Purple Mash platform throughout the day.

Links to recorded content are included in the learning instructions for the week but you can also find our YouTube channel by clicking the icon below.

If you want to contact us about anything related to your learning, or your concerns, then access the blog at home by logging onto Purple Mash, clicking on the 'Sharing' icon  'Shared blogs' Click on the name of your class (E.g. Raven, Jackdaw, Swan, Falcon). Messages can be sent to your class teacher through this page.

A quick link to the Purple Mash site is below.

Upload your work to the Purple Mash blog so that we can see the fantastic work that you are doing. If you are using word, you can send documents directly to your teacher, by attaching to an email using 2email (in Tools on Purple Mash).

If you can't remember your log in details then get in touch with us for a reminder.


-Log on to Mathletics and try completing some activities not previously completed.

-See the 'Teach Active' and 'White Rose' remote learning packs (click below) for activities linked to the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum.

Log onto Mathletics for activities and Times Table Rockstars to work on getting speedier at your times tables and division facts!


One of the  class texts we will be reading this term is Letters from the LIghthouse  by Emma Carroll

Chapters and discussion will be posted on the blog.

Can you find any similar books to read? Tell us about them on the blog.


-Make sure that you do at least 20 minutes of reading each day.  It is really good if you can read aloud to someone (even a pet cat or dog!!!).

Maybe when you finish reading your book, you could create a book review. How many stars would you rate it out of 10? What was your favourite part of the story?

Go to  www.ReadTheory.com and complete some of the comprehension activities. (you will need to sign up first)


Use Pobble 365 website to choose a prompt for your writing. Don't forget to send us your work!


See below for our spelling rules for each week of term 2. Have a go at copying down the words from the weekly list. Can you think of any words of your own that follow the same rule?


Our theme for this term is all about World War II


-Make sure you keep moving! Choose a video from the Maths or English section of the BBC Super Movers website or follow

Joe Wicks, the nations PE teacher, find him on youtube.

Contact the team for advice and help on uks2@wouldham.kent.sch.uk

We have some other ideas and activities you might like to do at home alongside your learning.

Click below for them...