We bet that if you need to think about memories of primary school you will possibly have more memories of going out to visit places than anything else. The value of going out of school to visit relevant places to reinforce learning is beyond measure!

We aim to provide rich and varied selection of visits to support learning themes and general experiences. Where possible we will try to provide these free of charge but if there is an admission charge for a visit then we may need to ask for contributions from parents to cover this.

Most of our visits take place during the normal school day but we will occasionally organise trips that need an early start or a late return. Also, most tend to be fairly local but from time to time we may go further afield.

We won't seek written consent for each trip but will text details so that you know where and when your child is going out of school and if they need any specific equipment or clothing.

If your child can't take part for any reason you will need to let us know otherwise we will take them along so that they don't miss out!